Dedicated Dr.Ben

Dr.Ben has been dedicated to HAIR TRANSPLANT for more than 15 years until she was convinced that she should not hide behind her work and should communicate more to people then she lost more than 15 kilograms For the benefit of communication

“ Even though my outside look changed, I still dedicate myself and put all my effort on my work. And my voice is still my signature and unique. ”

The story of a little girl

Anya — Dr.Ben daughter used to ask why mommy have a lot of privileges The Answer is because I have been working hard for all my life

I used to be

  • Tutor
  • Writer/ Columnist
  • MC/ host of stage
  • Voice artist
  • Make up artist
  • Used car business
  • In slimmimg time — beauty pageant
  • In chubby time — parttime housemaid etc.

“Every good thing in my life come from my endeavor”